Torching the Timid

Samson Y Hiss_13_place.png

The night before I was in 18th place for popular vote in the Ringling Bros. Jingle Competition. By 11am the next day my rally had caused two zoos to close down due to overexcited animals. By 1pm my vocal cords were smoking and my circus jingle had reached South America. Finally at 3pm the polls closed, the lights went out, the music stopped. Over a 5 hour period I had gained 35+ votes to cut down my closest competitors and move into 13th place. Thank you all who voted.

Doubter: Why the excitement? You didn't win.

Hiss: By the fall of the chips I should've been buried. To reach 13th was lucky.

Doubter: But you lost. What have you accomplished?

Hiss: Popular vote was for 3rd place. Ringling Bros. picks the winning jingle.

Doubter: Your jingle is dark. You won't win.

Hiss: Circus stars performer under threat of rank injury or death. That's dark.

Results of the Ringling Bros. Jingle Competition will be announced April 20. If I win you’ll hear me scream. If not, you'll hear me breaking instruments.