Post Election Single

Fine folks of America voted to end the Kremlin Klown's campaign, and yet like the smell of cooked rodent, it survived. Piling fuel outside my tent. Cue the parade floats and the Big Top menagerie. Chilling circus music and deadly acts can't be stopped.

In honor or in horror of the orange barker and burning dumpster inheriting the White House, here is Jingle This, fully orchestrated and covered in camel hair.

Jingle This was recorded by Matt Cohen during the Circus Screams sessions between demonic shrills and the heavy breathing of pallbearers. It features professional parader, Jonathan Szin on clarinet.

Thank you Seth Astle and Henry Choi for art and design. Free labor is the new the norm in our freshly birthed business first economy.

Jingle This and Jingle This Remix 13, are available for purchase here. iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, and hisssss...streaming coming soon.