Scream for Help! Park Tour


Run for cover. The Scream for Help! Park Tour is coming. Catch me performing chilling circus music on a world record number of instruments (7) while riding unicycle through a park near you—in CA.

"This sounds like madness. I love it." - Bradly  

If you’re out peeping someone at one of these parks, come stretch an ear. Then follow the procession.

Here are the tour stops:

Sat, July 14 at 3PM - Lake Merritt, start/end at the Pergola

Sat, July 21 at 3PM - Fremont Central Park, start/end at the boat ramp

Sat, July 28 at 3PM - Golden Gate Park, start/end at the carousel

After an hour of circling the park and raising hairs in unthinkable places the show may or may not end. Each performance will start and stop at a specified location. All shows are FREE! Every person who tips gets a sticker*. Every kid who screams gets a monogrammed kazoo*. For an aurally arresting experience, fans are tempted to follow the procession—on wheels, stilts, go carts, whatever goes.

"What a weird thing." - Aaron

If for any reason you find yourself in danger during this cacophonous park tour, don’t forget to... scream for help! I won’t hear you, but someone else might.

All the chilling circus music you will hear during the Scream for Help! Park Tour is for sale and can be purchased by striking the button below.

Nothing can stop this tour except for maybe broken ribs, missing limbs, or the fuzz. I hope to see you there, screaming and wheeling.

If you can’t come but wish to support this tour, go here.

Thank you for your support and ill wishes.