Wangle? POISON CIRCUS Recruiting



Say you’re surprised. My days as a neighborhood-watch “suspect character” have now evolved to “known lurker.” After attempting to recruit circus friends and friends of circus friends and feeling the sting of rejection, I put on my top hat, holey socks and stepped into the shadows. It all started with a quick inhale of dark arts by WitchTech. Then a late arrival to Circus Addiction at the Circus Center. I showed up at intermission and got in for free, a wangle. I crept up the steps and stood on the back of the bleachers. Silhouettes of all the circus big wigs were highlighted by the floor lights. Someone pushed an ice cream cart across the stage. I spotted a clown. Bingo! After the show I went to find her. But failed to dodge the doorman and got roped into buying a ticket, but only half price (unwangled). Now the clown was gone, and alI I had was a name on a program. Online lurking began. In short, I tracked a clown, with no social media presence or website, back to a place of business; guessed her email address and... trumpets, a reply. Renée Sedliar joined POISON CIRCUS. Lurking and labor win.

For my fans out there laboring hard for donut holes, contact me for a promo code for discount tickets. This is your last chance to score tickets on the cheap to the only circus music show to feature vocal operatics, an organ quintet, harrowing circus acts and live human mutations. A musical tale of transmogrify is coming. Come out of the shadows and get your tickets, freaks.

The show runs Friday, Oct 18 and Saturday, Oct 19 at PianoFight, 144 Taylor Street in SF, one block from Market Steet. Doors open at 7:30pm. Show starts at 8pm.

Photo courtesy of the Circus Center.