My circus music has been backstage in the dark diddling itself with dwarves and the menagerie for far too long. It’s time to wheel it out to the Big Top and blow it out of a cannon. Believe it or not, people want it!

Fans call me on the phone. They ask, “Can I submit your music to Cirque Du Soleil?” Music producers email me, “AMC needs circus music for a new TV show. Do you have any?” Elephants from Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey message me via Morse code. They want a new circus jingle. They hold a jingle competition for me to enter. I toss my hat in the ring with Jingle This.

People, big and little, want circus music. And I’m the only act in town. No one else is doing what I’m doing. I need to feed this frenzy. I need to professionally record my music and blast it out of the tent. And, that’s why I’m here. I need your help.

I have an entire album of circus music, nine demos (five circus screamers and four interludes), composed and complete, ready to go into the studio. I have musicians—blackmailed and cast—from The International Low Bass Trio, Lamplighters Music Theatre and the SF Conservatory of Music. I have circus performers on standby ready to lend their horrific screams.

Everyone is pining and pacing like big cats in their cages waiting to be released. Help me take my music from the peep show to the Big Top. Help me record the most unnerving circus music since P.T. Barnum fell over a drum kit.

With your support these funds will go to pay the musicians, the circus performers, the recording studio, and manufacturing. In return you’ll get the most prestigious rewards found outside the ring: chilling circus music, autographed kazoos, a ride on my unicycle, an original composed circus jingle, and more.

Thank you friends, enemies, and local authorities for helping me bring this together. I appreciate any and all support. I can’t wait to record and share this music with you. Let’s blow this wide open. The menagerie stinks and I’m tired of drinking with dwarves. Big Top, here we come.

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Birthed in the engine room of a steamboat, Samson Y Hiss (sam(p)-sən wī his) exited the womb to the sounds of creaking wood, hissing steam and clapping mechanics. At the age of 12 he jumped ship and was adopted by Austrian gypsies who trained him in the art of contorting and organ grinding. Sleight of hand and chicanery soon followed. Hiding out in an abandoned church after selling snake oil to a mute child, Samson armed himself with a bass drum and wig, and marched past the authorities to the open road. Realizing the elusive power of his performance he began conjuring up grander musical schemes. When not skirting the law, he can be found on the pier playing the accordion atop a unicycle.

Samson Y Hiss spent his formative years studying piano and performance at the Olympia Piano Academy in Olympia, WA—which has since disbanded. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Technology from Bellarmine University in Louisville, KY. He studied choral music at the International School of Music in Salzburg, Austria. He fell in love with the pipe organ while touring Germany. His teachers in composition include Richard Burchard, Todd Hildreth and Belinda Reynolds. His current composition instructor is Elinor Armer from the San Francisco Conservatory.

Secretly inspired by female inmates at the Robert Scott Correctional Facility in Plymouth, MI, Samson began composing music for the criminal mind in 2007. Similar psychological experiments of this type are currently underway. Samson Y Hiss lives in Oakland, CA. All works to be published exclusively. For inquiries in to purchasing scores, parts and/or recordings, send an email to:




Jingle This

Composed for the Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey Jingle Competition (2015)

The Doubtful Guest

Composed for the Edward Gorey Festival. Vocals by Stephanie Goldstein (2013)

witch bounce

Performed by Sqwonk at the house of Belinda Reynolds (2010)





by Samson Y Hiss