Birthed on the deck of a steamboat going south, Samson Y Hiss (samson why? hiss) exited the womb to the sound of the calliopi, whistles and clapping hands. At the age of 12 he jumped ship and was adopted by Austrian gypsies who trained him in the art of composition and organ grinding. Circus  tricks and chicanery soon followed. Hiding out in an abandoned church after selling snake oil to a mute child, Samson Y Hiss armed himself with a bass drum and wig, and marched past the authorities to the open road. Realizing the elusive power of his performance he began conjuring up grander musical schemes. When not composing circus music or skirting the law, he can be found on the pier playing multiple instruments atop a unicycle.

Samson Y Hiss was deemed "most likely to be run over by a train in the next year" by a passing train conductor. His work has been performed behind closed doors by Sqwonk, The Living Earth Show, and a string quartet from Canada. His debut full-length album, Circus Screams, was performed live with circus accompaniment in 2017.

Samson Y Hiss spent his formative years studying piano and performance at the Olympia Piano Academy in Olympia, WA. He holds a Bachelor of Music from Bellarmine University in Louisville, KY. He studied World Music at the International School of Music in Salzburg, Austria. Hiss studied composition with Richard Burchard, Belinda Reynolds, and Elinor Armer.

Leaving gasps in his wake, Samson Y Hiss is the world record holder for the Most Musical Instruments Played While Riding a Unicycle. Similar acts of astonishment and musical schemes are currently underway. Samson Y Hiss lives in Oakland, CA.