Final Circus Screamer


Committing suicide in front of thousands of screaming fans is only fitting for the murderous, masochistic, maniacal, Suicide Sid. The killer of circus performers, loudly and vividly snuffs himself out in the fifth and final circus screamer.

Roaring around the big top working his fans in to a foaming frenzy, he takes his place in front of the three-story jump. Attacking the jump with the fury of a starved animal, he takes flight. At the summit of his ascent he leaps off the motorcycle, spreads his arms, and soars.

A single melody moans as Suicide Sid descends to his death. Broken phrases and disjointed thirds play as the crowd watches his lifeless body being hauled off. In shock and weeping the audience exits the big top.

It won’t be discovered until weeks later that Suicide Sid was responsible for the murder of four other circus performers. His name will go in the paper. His posters will out sale the snow cones.

To finish on a high note, a suicide note was found in Sid’s dressing room following his death stating that all of his stunt bikes should be donated to charity.

Listen here.