Recording at Laughing Tiger


Like a virgin before the sacrificial alter I entered the recording studio known as The Laughing Tiger. After the doors shut behind me I was left smiling in the dark with whip in hand. When the roaring reached an unbearable height I broke the lock, releasing the beast from the cage.

A demonic duo from the unpredictable land of Craigslist performed The Doubtful Guest art song with chilling effect.

The boisterous organ enthusiast, Mr. Miotke, matched note for note the Highwire Hanging circus screamer with the timing of church bells.

Conservatory kids straight from the halls of the…Conservatory marched in with their uniforms tightly pressed and brass instruments in tow. After hoarsely clearing their airways, they easily blew the shine off the walls.

Finally the engineer of the evening, Matt Cohen, pounded out the marching, throbbing, listing percussion of the Highwire Hanging. And it was complete.

By nightfall I had overdosed on circus music bliss. My lips were twitching, my right ear had gone completely deaf and my hips wouldn’t stop shaking.

A follow up recording session happens this week. Then we mix. Then we slay. Then we dine.